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About Anxiety Disorders

It’s Totally Normal

Along with depression, anxiety disorders are the most prevalent of all mental health problems. The majority of people, sometimes estimated as high as 80%, will feel significantly anxious at some point during their lifetimes. According to NAMI, about 19% of people are currently struggling with anxious thoughts.

What Causes Anxiety?

There are a number of possible reasons why you might start feeling anxious. A serious anxiety disorder may involve one source or several. Different treatments will be more or less effective depending on the reasons why you’re feeling anxious. Talking with a therapist about what’s going on can help you identify the causes and treatment options.

Environmental Factors

Environmental anxiety comes up when you are in a stressful situation. Outside stressors from your personal life, work, school, or home can result in anxious thoughts and feelings. When you deal with the stress, the anxiety usually goes away. Therapy can help you find ways to manage your environment to reduce stress. A therapist can also help you develop skills to increase your internal resilience to stressful situations that you can’t control and come up with things you can do to manage your feelings of anxiety in those situations.

Biological Factors

Biological anxiety is caused by neurochemical imbalances in your brain that result in you feeling anxious even though there is no apparent reason for the feeling. These imbalances can happen for a number of reasons, and they can be treated by re-balancing your neurotransmitters through medication. There are several different kinds of medications that can be effective, and your doctor or psychiatrist can walk you through your options. You may also benefit from therapy even with medication because when you experience anxious thoughts, you can learn negative thought patterns that may continue even on medication.

Psychological Factors

Psychological anxiety is the result of your thought patterns. When you focus on anxiety-provoking thoughts, you begin to feel anxious. The feeling of being anxious reinforces the negative thought patterns which results in feeling even more anxious. This kind of anxiety is treated best with therapy, though you may need medication to help break the cycle of negative thoughts before therapy is effective. Therapy can help you change the way you think to help you feel better.

Online Help for Anxiety

Are you ready to deal with your anxious thoughts, discover the causes, and make meaningful change? Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about how I help anxious people create calm and ease for themselves.

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