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Pandemic Trauma

Pandemic Trauma Is Collective Trauma

In the beginning of the pandemic, we all experienced a collective event that hit many people as a trauma. And as a predictable result, many of us got brain fog, lost confidence, experienced physical changes in our bodies, and difficulty keeping up with the rapid changes in policies within our companies and cities.

But most of us expected to be better by now. It makes sense that you’d react to a sudden shift in lifestyle by getting stressed, sleeping poorly, missing deadlines, and gaining weight. After years, it seems like we should be adapted by now. The continued stress and trauma only added up, they didn’t get better. And the longer this goes on, the more we lose confidence in ourselves and our ability to bounce back.

Inner Shame

Our inner critic is the key here. It’s bad enough to be stressed and going through a collective trauma. When your inner critic piles on the shame, you add a sense of ongoing failure to the list. It’s the inner critic who keeps you from being resilient and accessing your strength. It keeps you in the mindset of comparison, shame, and failure. Even when we know consciously that these are normal reactions, the inner critic’s blame and shame tell us a different story. It says that it’s okay for everyone else to be struggling, but it’s not okay for you to struggle.

This belief creates a sense of isolation from others. It’s hard to look at someone else who seems to be doing so much better and admit that you’re struggling. It’s equally hard to be around friends who are struggling. We have to resist the pressure to put on a face that we’re doing just fine. This isolation keeps you from accessing the community, mutuality, and support you need to actually bounce back.

Moving Forward

We return to normal only when we can accept what happened, admit to ourselves and others when we are not doing okay, and enter into supportive community in order to truly heal.

If you find yourself still feeling the effects of pandemic trauma, isolation, and inner critic blame, learn how I can help by contacting me for a free consultation.

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