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Book Review- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Journal

Helpful ACT Book

I recently got this little book to review from a colleague and I’ve gotta say it’s one of my new favorite ACT books to recommend to people. It looks so nice! And it’s a conveniently small size to take with you if you need prompts to practice when you’re at work or needing some support wherever you are.

Easy Techniques with Great Explanations

Josie does a great job of making the ACT techniques super understandable for people without a therapy background. She has great, down to earth explanations that don’t require you to know any psychological terms to start using them.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

As she mentions in the book’s introduction, you don’t need to do any of the ACT skills in order. You can skim through until you find the section you need and then focus on that specific area until you start to feel better.

Who ACT Helps

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is what I use for people who need help managing their thoughts regardless of the cause. It’s like CBT- cognitive behavior therapy- but with an added focus on mindfulness and learning to be aware of your thoughts. ACT also helps if your stress is coming from your circumstances or environment as it teaches you a different way to interact with what’s going on to reduce your sense of stress from things outside your control.

Learn more about how I work using ACT and other methods here.

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