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Text Based Therapy

Text based therapy is an alternative to real time in person or video sessions. It’s also called asynchronous therapy. A UC Davis study shows that text based therapy can be just as effective as real time therapy for non-urgent mental health needs.

Who Benefits From Text Based Therapy?

  • People who like time to process their thoughts. If you’ve ever felt a bit overwhelmed by real time therapy sessions, text based therapy might give you a sense of space and time to consider what you want to say without creating awkward silences.
  • People who can express themselves better through writing or after some time to think. If you are the kind of person who thinks of what they really wanted to say after the session is over, text based therapy might benefit you so you can fully express yourself.
  • People whose schedules don’t allow them to keep to a regular session time. It’s hard to get to therapy when you don’t know your work schedule in advance or when you do shift work that has you available at nontraditional hours. Sure, there are therapists who have odd availability too, but text based therapy lets you get help at your convenience without finding a scheduling unicorn.
  • People who have difficulty with eye contact, feel stressed by real time interactions, or feel pressured to say the socially acceptable thing instead of what they’re really feeling.

Text Based Therapy With Me

I’m now offering asynchronous text-based therapy as an alternative to real time video sessions! Text-based therapy is provided through a HIPAA secure platform and offers many of the benefits of real time talk therapy.

As with all my therapy services, this is only available for people living in California. I work with people whose fears of abandonment and rejection lead them to sabotage their relationships. I also work with early career and young adult therapists to develop confidence in themselves, prevent burnout, and manage their own mental health as they work to heal others. Additionally, I work with people who are grieving losses and navigating a new path forward while honoring their pain.

What Happens Every Week?

Instead of getting a link to a scheduled therapy session, you’ll have full access to a HIPAA secure platform. You’ll be billed on Mondays (see FAQ for cost), I’ll send you messages each week, and you can respond at your convenience.

The content of our messages will depend on your needs. In general, I’ll keep our discussions focused on your goals. I’ll challenge you to think deeply about what’s going on for you and help you gain insights into your patterns just like in real time therapy.

Like with in person or video sessions, I’m here to help you, but your success depends on you doing the work on your own time. It can take a bit more effort on your part with text based therapy since we won’t have the accountability of face to face interactions. But if you’re the type of person who can thrive with asynchronous therapy, I am available to help you work toward your goals.

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