Affirming Therapy in California

Find healing and wholeness through identity work
Embrace all of who you are

You are not a problem to solve

You feel disconnected from yourself. It’s hard to know how to reconcile all of who you are. People treat you like a paradox or worse- a theological problem to solve. You’re queer AND christian. Both. You don’t want to have to hide either part of who you are, but it feels like nobody else understands how it’s possible to be both at once. 

You want to reconcile your faith identity with your gender and sexual identity. And you want this process to be a joyful celebration of all you are. You need a therapist who can help you discover, deconstruct, and reconstruct each aspect of your identity to create a unified, affirming story of who you are as a whole person. 

You want to heal from spiritual trauma, harshness, and disconnection without rejecting your faith. In therapy, you don’t want to choose between faith-based or LGBT affirming. You want to process and heal the internalized negativity toward different aspects of your identities.

You are not alone on this journey

I help queer Christians navigate the rocky path of reconciling your full self. In sessions, I give you space to explore life as it comes. I gently press, give honest feedback, and give you space to process areas of shame and pain without judgment. You’ll feel heard, understood, and supported. Even when these patterns feel repetitive, we’ll work through them. You’ll get insights into yourself and your inner world. We’ll transform these insights into practical steps to help these challenging concepts and difficult tasks feel achievable.

My clients typically feel calm and at ease from the beginning. It can be such a weight off of your shoulders to know you’re not the only one going through this disconnection and struggle to integrate all the parts of your identities. I use mindfulness techniques, gentle questioning, and trauma-informed therapy methods to help you explore the murky waters and process through the complexity.

Therapy with me will help you feel more like yourself. You’ll get language to talk about what’s going on for you which may or may not include a formal diagnosis. Your inner dialogue will improve. Instead of internalized shame and blame, you’ll learn to talk to yourself with kindness and understand your past in light of grace. You’ll learn how to pay attention to what’s going on inside. As you check in and notice your feelings without judgment, you’ll experience shifts toward integrated wholeness.

My name is Jessica and I’m a licenced psychotherapist in California. I know it can feel like you’re alone on this path. I’ve been there too. You have a place here.

All of you is welcome here

If you’re ready to take the next step toward your authentic life, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see how queer Christian therapy that’s truly LGBT affirming can make the difference in helping you feel truly whole.

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