Online Christian Therapy for Therapists

Your needs matter too

You have a special career. In your day to day life, you hear so many stories and wounds and needs. You’re a healer and a listener. In session, it’s all about your clients.

But you’re a person too. You have needs, thoughts, and emotions. You have worries, stresses, griefs, and traumas of your own. When life happens, often your family and friends expect you to handle it by yourself because you’re a professional.

Christian therapy for therapists addresses your unique needs

Therapists have additional stresses that people in most other professions don’t face. If you work with a lot of clients with traumatic backgrounds, you can find yourself holding secondary trauma. You’re often caught in the middle with ethical dilemmas as you weigh client care versus legal requirements. You have financial pressure of trying to work with insurance companies and jump through their ever-increasing hoops.

While confidentiality is a wonderful gift to your clients, the secrecy can feel isolating. Your friends and your partner can all chat openly about how their day went and share about the office drama, but you can’t. If you’re in private practice, you can be incredibly isolated as most of your day is spent one on one with clients.

Therapists are often wounded healers

Therapy for therapists helps heal your own wounds. When you address your personal mental health, grief, and trauma, you work better personally and professionally. When you take care of yourself, you’ll find that you’re less likely to be triggered by a client’s story. We’ll look at transference issues that have come up for you in the past and address your needs.

Your wounded parts deserve their own space for healing. When you work on yourself, you send a powerful message that past pain doesn’t keep you from being an effective healer.

Christian therapy for therapists can focus on your growth too

You don’t need to have an ongoing issue in order to come in for therapy. Many people, especially therapists, benefit from growth work. Growth work can take many forms. Therapists in therapy often like to explore how their past affects the present. Many also like to explore how their values manifest in their choices. By exploring these patterns, we can ensure that you are truly living an aligned life.

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