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Journaling Through Spiritual Formation: Before We Start

The spiritual formation journey can be long, but it is so deeply worthwhile. In this mini series, I'll give you some journal prompts to guide you through the beginnings of a spiritual formation practice. You can follow this journaling pathway through my instagram (@jbrohmerlmft) or through this blog. The instagram will feature just the questions,… Continue reading Journaling Through Spiritual Formation: Before We Start

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Systemic Factors Contributing to Burnout

I've been doing a bit of a research deep dive on burnout lately. (Don't be surprised if my next several posts are all related to burnout!) One thing I noticed is that most of the research that gets quoted in the major news articles is related to nurses. While it's great that we're studying burnout… Continue reading Systemic Factors Contributing to Burnout

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What is Depth Therapy?

How depth therapy works Depth therapy starts with the assumption that "we can only learn about ourselves by looking inward and reporting what we discover" (William James). We can't understand our psychological processes without considering what's going on inside our minds. In early methods, clients were asked to reflect on their subjective experiences of their… Continue reading What is Depth Therapy?