Anxiety Therapy Online

How do I know if I have anxiety?

Anxiety shows up in a lot of different ways. Some or all of the list below might apply to you, or you might relate to just one. Anxiety sometimes picks one particular focus- social situations, financial stress, job issues- and sometimes it’s just generally worried about everything.

  • Your mind can always imagine the worst case scenario, and it reminds you of all the possibilities for what could go wrong
  • It can be hard for you to sleep at night because your worries take over and your mind gets so loud you can’t relax
  • You have moments of intense panic even when you’re doing things that should be totally normal like driving, going to the grocery store, or going out with friends
  • Even when your mind is quiet, your body holds a lot of tension that shows up as headaches, stomach aches, GI issues, shaking, or muscle tightness
  • It’s hard for you to relax around friends, at work, or in social situations since your mind is on alert for what they might be thinking of you

Anxiety therapy works

My name is Jessica, and I help people in the Monterey Bay Area and across California manage stress, overwhelm, and anxiety through therapy techniques like mindfulness. You are not alone in feeling like your mind is working against you. We’ll work through your anxious thoughts and make sure you have a doable goal that feels realistic and not too much. I like to make sure you walk away from anxiety therapy sessions each week with a tangible plan of practical things you can do starting today that will help you calm your anxious mind.

My first goal is to help you feel at ease with your mind. You’ll leave sessions with skills to manage your thoughts and feelings. You will have a space to talk about what’s going on for you, feel supported, and learn strategies to create peace for yourself.

Where does your anxiety come from?

Anxiety therapy focuses on insights, noticing patterns, and connecting the dots in session. We will explore to find out where your anxiety comes from. To do this, we’ll ask deeper questions about how your current anxieties relate to the patterns across your personal history.

My process with anxiety therapy through mindfulness starts with helping you pay attention to what’s going on inside you. First, you will get better at checking in with yourself and noticing your feelings. Next, you’ll learn to sit with your worry and manage your stress. Then, you’ll start to feel comfortable being alone with your thoughts. Finally, you will get to a place where you can trust your ability to handle whatever life throws your way. Imagine not having to make a contingency plan for every possible outcome!

Life after anxiety is possible

I want to see you become confident in yourself and your ability to handle stressful situations without feeling overwhelmed. You deserve to feel comfortable in your body and in your mind. Anxiety therapy is the way forward.

You’ll leave therapy with a positive mindset toward yourself.You’ll gain the ability to be fully present in your life. You will have the knowledge that you are capable of creating change.

Online anxiety therapy

If you are in the Monterey Bay Area or anywhere in California, I can help you. If you’re ready to stop avoiding your thoughts and emotions, click here or call 831-531-2259. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation today! Discover how online anxiety therapy can make the difference in how you feel today and tomorrow and beyond.