Borderline Personality Disorder Therapy

Your Emotions Feel So Overwhelming

Getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder can feel both terrifying and liberating. You finally have answers to why your emotions can feel so out of control. You have a reason why you seem to feel everything so much more than others do. But it’s still affecting your relationships, your work, and your confidence in yourself. Your emotional pain feels so intense you’d do almost anything to get some relief- you may have attempted suicide, self harm, or numbing yourself with food, drugs, or alcohol.

You Want Good Relationships

You want your friendships to feel easy and natural, but you can’t help but analyze every interaction to check for a double meaning. It feels like your mind is against you, encouraging you to test your friends to see if they really care. You find yourself wondering why you always feel like an outsider even in long term friendships. You’re tired of being pulled back and forth between feeling accepted and unwanted. 

You Want To Be Authentic

It can feel like you’re always putting on a show, either to fit in or to stand out, and you can’t just be yourself with people. You have to be the sort of person they want you to be or they’ll reject you. But you have a dream that one day you could have the sort of relationship where you can fully be yourself- and be fully accepted. You know you can’t go on like this forever, but you know you’ll need help to get there

BPD Therapy Options

You may have tried therapy before, but many therapists don’t know what to do with your Borderline symptoms. You may have been rejected by a past therapist for your strong emotions or self harm history. Or maybe you dumped your last therapist because they just didn’t get you and it wasn’t helping. The best therapy methods for BPD need to understand where you’re starting from, honor your emotions, and create meaningful and doable paths toward change.

Many of my clients have tried Dialectical Behavior Therapy either during an inpatient stay or with a past therapist. I know you probably have strong feelings about DBT. If you enjoyed DBT, I am happy to help you grow your skills in any of the target areas. If you didn’t like DBT, I have training in different methods of therapy for BPD that don’t include skills training, analyzing interactions, or other standard DBT methods. Learn about some of the alternate methods here.

Online BPD Therapy

My name is Jessica, and I’m a licensed psychotherapist living in the Monterey Bay, CA. I love helping people with Borderline Personality Disorder honor their sensitivity while navigating their reactions. Together we will look at your fears of abandonment and rejection, identify the ways you sabotage interactions, and help you go from testing your relationships to simply enjoying them. With therapy you can develop confidence in your value, relate authentically to others, and manage your thoughts of suicide and self harm.

You’ll leave therapy with a set of effective coping skills that work for you. You will be able to observe your deep emotions without feeling reactive. Your relationships will improve as you develop healthy boundaries, communicate your needs assertively, and grow confident in your intuition.

Connect With Me

You’re ready to feel confident in yourself again. You need therapy with someone who understands BPD and honors your unique traits. If you’re ready to get started today, click here to schedule a free consultation call or click here to learn more about how I work.