Grief Therapy

Therapy can help with grief

  • Someone you love has died or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • You lost someone and it’s bringing up memories of past losses that still aren’t resolved
  • Multiple losses happened all at once and it feels overwhelming
  • You feel anger, guilt, regret
  • Everyone around you is pressuring you to “move on” and “feel better” which just makes you feel isolated
  • Life feels empty and meaningless, and it’s bringing up old habits like substance abuse, self harm, or suicide

Grief can leave you feeling alone

Your grief is an expression of your love and care. We’ll make space for your grief and your memories while helping you make your way forward again. 

My first goal is to help you feel calm and at ease. You’ll leave sessions feeling like your grief has been honored. In sessions, you will have a space to talk about your loss, feel supported, and gently move toward healing.

I am not here to fix your grief or simply to get you to move on. My focus is to help you integrate your loss so that you carry your cherished memories with you as you live the rest of your life. 

The grief therapy process starts with helping you pay attention to what’s going on inside you. Over time, you’ll get better at checking in with yourself and noticing your feelings. You’ll also learn to sit with your emotions and simply notice your grief as it comes up.

Healing grief is different

Grieving happens in waves that you’ll likely continue to experience. It doesn’t go away with healing, but it does transform into something more manageable. As we process your loss, you’ll become more settled and hopeful about your future.

When you leave therapy, you will have several ideas of how to honor your loss throughout your life. You’ll have peace and be able to remember the good times without spiraling down into grieving. You will feel like your life has stabilized and you can remember your loss without falling apart. You will feel hope for your future again.

Ready to start your journey with me?

If you are in the Monterey Bay Area or elsewhere in California and ready to work through your grief and start living your life again, click here or call me at 831-531-2259 to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discover how online grief-focused therapy with a compassionate therapist can make the difference in how you feel today and tomorrow and beyond. Or check out my FAQ and learn more about me here.