Services and FAQ

50 minute video session: $100-160 sliding scale

Text based sessions: $100/week (learn more here)

**California residents only**

Why do you call it queer therapy? Isn’t that a slur?

I know there’s a lot of noise around there, especially among the younger folks, about not wanting to use the word queer because it was/is used against us as an insult. But here’s the thing- Older queers worked really hard to reclaim that word for us to use as an inclusive way to talk about everyone in the community who’s different from the cisgendered heterosexual norm.

I use the word queer to describe my practice because the acronym LGBT doesn’t cover everyone. As an aro/ace person myself, I didn’t feel welcome at many LGBT practices because they really just seemed to be about gay and lesbian folks (much love to my G and L siblings). Plus, the idea of “LGBT Affirming” has gotten really watered down. I used to work at a college with “LGBT Affirming” signs everywhere… but they didn’t have a procedure to help trans people change their names and gender markers in the system. So much for affirming…

I also want people in the community to know that this therapy is truly for everyone. LGBT folks are welcome, of course, but also people who are aromantic or asexual, nonbinary or pansexual, kinky or nonmonogamous. This space is for people who don’t fit in with the norm for whatever reason.

Do I have to be queer and/or christian to work with you?

Nope! But it’s important to me that you know where I’m coming from and my views on personhood, sexuality, faith, and the intersection of all these things. If you are interested in therapy that’s grounded in spiritual formation and focused on personal growth, you’re welcome here. Just know that my faith is queer-affirming and my queerness is rooted in my faith.

How does the sliding scale work?

The sliding scale ensures that long term work is more sustainably affordable. Spiritual formation therapy can take a long time- many of my clients have been working with me for years. I want to make sure that you will be able to stick to the work that we start together so you can have a great outcome at the end. In short term work, it might make sense for you to financially stretch yourself for a few months to get relief from your mental health symptoms, but that doesn’t really work for an identity-based formation journey. I invite you to think of what you can truly afford to pay weekly for therapy sessions.

Do you take insurance for online therapy sessions?

I do not take insurance as an in-network provider. My goal is to provide quality services, and insurance companies provide a barrier to my ability to do that. You may be able to submit a special receipt called a superbill to your insurance company. If you do, they may reimburse you for your session fees. Contact your insurance provider to see if this is an option for you. In general, PPO plans will reimburse you for at least part if not all of the cost of your sessions, but HMO plans will not.

I do provide insurance-based services through Path Mental Health. Feel free to request me on that platform if you are interested in working with me using your insurance.

Where do I schedule my free consultation for online therapy?

You can see my schedule for the next 9 days and make an appointment if one is available in that time frame. You can also email me at to schedule farther out or if there is no immediate availability.