Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

50 minute video session: $160

Text based sessions: $100/week

What happens during the first online therapy session?

Our first counseling session will focus on the details of what’s going on for you. Before we meet for the first time, I’ll send you paperwork and other important forms. These will include some forms that ask questions about your background and personal history. I want to get familiar with the problems you’re experiencing before we meet so that our first session can focus on the details of what you need help with. We’ll leave the first session with a general plan of what we want to accomplish so you’ll know when you’re ready to end therapy.

What is text based therapy?

In short, text based therapy uses asynchronous messaging through a secure platform instead of real time face to face sessions. Read my blog post here to learn more about text based therapy and if it might be a good fit for you.

How long does online therapy take?

Many of my clients start to feel relief in 8-12 weeks and decide to end therapy when they’re feeling better. Other people want to dig into the roots of their issues and stay in therapy for longer so they can continue to work on themselves. There’s no right or wrong! I’ll check in with you quarterly to make sure we’re sticking to the plan we made and you’re still feeling helped by our sessions.

Do you take insurance for online therapy sessions?

I do not take insurance as an in-network provider. My goal is to provide quality services, and insurance companies provide a barrier to my ability to do that. You may be able to submit a special receipt called a superbill to your insurance company. If you do, they may reimburse you for your session fees. Contact your insurance provider to see if this is an option for you. In general, PPO plans will reimburse you for at least part if not all of the cost of your sessions, but HMO plans will not.

Where do I schedule my free consultation for online counseling?

You can see my schedule for the next 9 days and make an appointment if one is available in that time frame. You can also email me at to schedule farther out or if there is no immediate availability.