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Relational Mindfulness: Getting In Touch With Your Self

Relational mindfulness is a skill that helps us keep in touch with what we're feeling in the moment. When we tap into that self-awareness, we can notice our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations as we relate to others in the present. It's a challenge to get in touch with yourself and stay in touch with… Continue reading Relational Mindfulness: Getting In Touch With Your Self

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Text Based Therapy

Text based therapy is an alternative to real time in person or video sessions. It's also called asynchronous therapy. A UC Davis study shows that text based therapy can be just as effective as real time therapy for non-urgent mental health needs. Who Benefits From Text Based Therapy? People who like time to process their… Continue reading Text Based Therapy

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Silence and Solitude

Silence and solitude are two key foundations for good mental health. But when you're prone to anxious thoughts, it's hard to feel comfortable in silence. Many of my clients tell me they actively avoid being alone in the quiet because they don't want to be alone with their thoughts. This is very easy to achieve… Continue reading Silence and Solitude

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Therapeutic Journaling

Keeping a journal can be very beneficial for your mental health, but not all journaling gives you the benefits you’re looking for. If you want to make the most out of your writing time, try these tips to make sure your journal is a therapeutic part of your day. Know your journaling focus Journaling for… Continue reading Therapeutic Journaling