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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Most people agree: time changes suck. While modern technology makes it so we don't necessarily have to go through the effort of physically changing our clocks, time shifts are hard on our bodies and on our mental health. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, and it can be a challenge to manage. This time change in… Continue reading Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Watch Scary Movies For Your Mental Health

Ummmm... Really? I usually get some weird looks when I suggest that my clients watch scary movies for their mental health. And the benefits aren't limited to horror. Movies give us the chance to experience a range of emotions, both negative and positive, in a way that is time limited and personally safe. This is… Continue reading Watch Scary Movies For Your Mental Health

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Silence and Solitude

Silence and solitude are two key foundations for good mental health. But when you're prone to anxious thoughts, it's hard to feel comfortable in silence. Many of my clients tell me they actively avoid being alone in the quiet because they don't want to be alone with their thoughts. This is very easy to achieve… Continue reading Silence and Solitude