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Finding a Christian Grief Therapist

When you're overwhelmed by grief, the last thing you want to do is sift through all the results on a "grief therapist near me" search. The results can all seem to blend together and you can end up with someone who doesn't necessarily honor your faith. Why should I find a Christian grief therapist? It's… Continue reading Finding a Christian Grief Therapist

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Text Based Therapy

Text based therapy is an alternative to real time in person or video sessions. It's also called asynchronous therapy. A UC Davis study shows that text based therapy can be just as effective as real time therapy for non-urgent mental health needs. Who Benefits From Text Based Therapy? People who like time to process their… Continue reading Text Based Therapy

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Pandemic Loss

Deferred Celebrations Like many people, I was really excited to hit the next decade of my life and had big plans for how my birthday might go. I figured 2020 would be a big year for me personally, and I was looking forward to the milestone birthday being one of many important transitions. I don't… Continue reading Pandemic Loss